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  2. Otter at the Vancouver Aquarium. How fascinating they are :)

    Otter at the Vancouver Aquarium. How fascinating they are :)

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  3. I hate that :(

    I hate that :(

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  4. woo party kitty! 

    woo party kitty! 

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  5. oh yes :)

    oh yes :)

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  6. You get your arm broke trying to wear your heart on your sleeve.

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  8. You reap what you sow, so quit acting like a lil boy your grown, although you got these demons to tow down your long bumpy road, just dont fall quick get back up and reload, this aint a game, this aint halo, fuck sakes no second chances life aint something to laugh at, death is cuz it aint hit you in your heart yet, you aint torn apart yet, so dont fret live wild, live free live good do good get out of that bad place, your personal “hood” some say i would if i could well you can just keep your chin up eyes up, aim high till you die, shit the day im gone, id like smiles mixed with tears, weed mixed with beers…
    – My boyfriend Greg

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